‘Tis The Season: How to Support a Small Business this Holiday Season (for free)


As we wrap this year up and look ahead to 2022, we have our hearts full of gratitude and hope for better times. During 2021, we got the chance to meet many of you in person as we participated in a number of craft fairs and events, such as West Coast Craft x Outside Lands, Sip Shop Eat, Urban Air Market and many more. Running a small business in a world full of giants can be challenging, but we’re so glad to have our little community that keeps growing each day. To everyone supporting us and other small businesses out there, a huge THANK YOU!

If you want to make a difference this holiday season, we encourage you to take a few minutes and show your support to your favorite small businesses. The best part? All of our tips cost nothing. While buying from a small business is a huge way to show your love and support, there’re many other valuable actions that you can take now, for free.

1 - Tell your friends and family

Chances are that some of your friends and family are looking for a few present ideas this holiday season. Next time you talk about holidays, share your favorite small business’ profile with them. If they like it, it’s a win-win-win :)

Note: you can also give the business a shoutout on your favorite social media.

2 - Engage with their social media posts

Small businesses are constantly creating new, original content on social media. Follow, like, comment and have fun engaging with their social media posts. It takes just a few minutes and the impact is huge!

3 - Sign up for their newsletter

Small businesses usually have weekly or monthly newsletters with exclusive content (and deals!) When you sign up for a newsletter, you’ll likely also help to increase the business’ website traffic as you interact with the newsletter content.

4 - Write a review

If you already have a product from a small business that you want to support, take 3-5 minutes to write a review on their website. Reviews help potential customers to make a decision when considering purchasing a product.

5 - Say “hi”

Looking for a more direct engagement with your favorite small business? Visit their profile on social media and just say hi. It’s super encouraging to read a kind note from a person in your small community who is really cheering for your success.

Do you have any other ideas on how to support small businesses for free? Leave your suggestions in the comments — we love hearing your thoughts! We hope you all have a lovely holiday season, full of hope and new beginnings.


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