KC Filzen X Quill Fine Jewelry

KC Filzen is the professional behind the lenses of two of our most recent photo shoots. By simply looking at her work, you can tell she’s a very talented photographer. But once you talk with her, you realize that not only she masters the art of storytelling through her images, but also through her words. At the age of 20, KC has a lot to share about her personal and professional experiences. Her full-time career in photography started in Minnesota, when she was only 16 and bought all the gear she needed to photograph weddings - that’s how she started in the industry, with some part-time gigs at the age of 14.

In 2018, after graduating from college with a Photography and Business degree, which, by the way, she pursued at the same time she was finishing high school, KC moved to Los Angeles, California. With a busy entrepreneurial life in the city, her career focus has been on her own fashion and editorial photography business.

KC’s aspirations are truly inspiring. Just like us at Quill, she believes in timeless fashion and always wants to make people feel good and confident about themselves. Some of her dream clients are Dior, Channel, Prada, and Lanvin - and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her shooting for these brands pretty soon. While she’s making all of this (and more) happen, check out her amazing collab with Quill.

Cast + Team

Shoot 1

Model: Sarah Thiemann

Personal Assistant: Destiny Khongraj

Shoot 2

Models: Destiny Khongraj & Morgan Moreno

Photo credits: KC Filzen

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