How to Take Care of Your Quill Jewelry

There's something special about owning high-quality, timeless, and stunning jewelry that is also affordable and modern. Our pieces are made of vermeil and gold-filled, each one has its set of characteristics and particularities of style. When it comes to taking care of your jewelry, it's important to know exactly what type of material your jewelry is made so you can maintain your piece in perfect condition. 

If you have no idea how to properly clean your Quill jewelry, no worries: We've prepared this quick guide to help you with that. 

What is Gold-Filled?

Gold-filled jewelry is the result of a pressure and heat bonding process usually between a brass base or sterling silver with gold. Generally, this manufacturing process will increase the longevity of the jewelry that generally lasts from 3-5 years. 

What is Gold Vermeil?

Most of our Quill Jewelry is made of gold vermeil, a sterling silver base with a thick gold layer, more resistant than gold plated (the one made from a metal base) but more delicate than gold-filled when it comes to taking care of it. Due to the sterling silver base, gold vermeil is hypoallergenic and can be highly durable when properly cleaned and stored.  

What is Gold Plated?

The gold plated manufacturing process is similar to the gold vermeil process; However, gold plated jewelry has a very thin layer of gold that can be placed over any metal, including options like copper and brass, while gold vermeil has a sterling silver base. 

Now, it's time to deep-dive (okay, not that deep because the steps are pretty simple) on the maintenance of your jewelry. 

How to take care of your gold-filled jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry is water-resistant. So, it means that you can exercise, sweat, and take a shower wearing your gold-filled jewelry. Gold-filled pieces will not rub off, fade, or tarnish. Yes, there are exceptions. Swimming pools (chlorine) and sulfur springs (sulfur) are a big no-no even for gold-filled pieces. 

A light scrub with a toothbrush and warm water is magic for your gold-filled jewelry. 

How to take care of your gold vermeil jewelry

Your gold vermeil jewelry is not water-resistant. So, give it a break whenever you're exercising or taking a bath to relax. They're also more delicate than gold-filled, so make sure you maintain the gold vermeil long-lasting color, keeping it away from sweat and water, cleaning your piece with a dry cloth, and always storing it in your Quill pouch. 

How to take care of your gold plated jewelry

 Similarly to your gold vermeil pieces, your gold plated are (even more) sensitive to water and sweat exposure. So, no showers or workouts wearing gold plated jewelry! Clean them using a dry cloth, and always store them in a jewelry pouch. 

We hope this helps you with the maintenance of your Quill jewelry, always keeping them timeless and gorgeous — just like you.

We hope this helps you with the maintenance of your Quill jewelry, always keeping them timeless and gorgeous — just like you.

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