How to Properly Store Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry isn’t just the finishing touch to your outfit – it’s an investment that you’ll want to want to wear forever. To make the most out of your jewelry and maintain its shine, you’ll have to do more than just throw it onto a tray or tuck it away with your fashion jewelry. After all, fine jewelry is in a league of its own, so it deserves only the best. 

Whether you’re into gold, sterling silver, gemstones, or other materials, properly storing your jewelry is the key to making sure they look great for longer. In this post, we’ve put together a few tips on storing your fine jewelry so you can keep them sparking for years to come. 

Separate your metals and gems

Metals vary in hardness, so it’s essential to store like with like. Mixing all of your metals in one container may cause them to interact with one another and get scratched over time. To ensure your fine jewelry is free from any flaws, separate them by metal: gold with gold, silver with silver, and so on. 

The same goes for gemstones. You need to be especially careful of diamonds because they can scratch most – if not all – minerals. They rank 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and are the hardest mineral out there, meaning they can easily damage less resilient gems, such as emeralds (rank 7.5) and garnets (rank 6.5 to 7.5). 

Use the right container for each jewelry type

Search for a suitable container for each type of jewelry. Gold, which is a malleable metal, should be stored in a cloth bag so it doesn’t get bent out of shape. Keep sterling silver jewelry in a moisture-free container so it doesn’t lose its luster, and throw in anti-tarnish cloth for good measure. 

Use a dry box for diamonds, making sure to isolate them from one another. Diamonds may be the toughest on the Mohs scale, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. They can still be scratched by other diamonds, so it’s best to provide each piece with its dedicated container. 

As for pearls, store each piece in a flat, fabric-lined container. If using one container for multiple pearl jewelry, it’s important to make sure they won’t come into contact with each other. Pearls are very fragile – if they collide with other pearls, they may get damaged.

If you don’t want to put each piece in its dedicated pouch, you could use one jewelry box for each jewelry type. Just make sure it comes with compartments and is lined with soft, velvety fabric to protect your valuables. 

Mind the temperature

Temperature plays a vital role in preserving your jewelry collection. Too-warm environments aren’t good as they can make metals (particularly silver) more prone to tarnishing. Meanwhile, places that are too cold can cause gems to contract, and in some cases, pop. 

Choose an area in your home that’s not only secure but also reasonably cool, or at the minimum, can maintain a consistent temperature. For most people, their bedroom best fits this description. 

Don’t place your jewelry near the window, as excessive warmth from the sun can cause discoloration. Sapphires of all varieties, for instance, can lose their color if exposed to the sun for extended periods. Basements should also be avoided at all costs, as their moist conditions can lead to gem degradation. However, do note that there are exceptions to this: some stones such as opals, don’t do well in dry environments, and will need moisture to stay intact. 

Store your jewelry in a safe location

If you wear fine jewelry daily, it makes sense that you’d want to store it somewhere convenient such as on your vanity. But consider this: wouldn’t it be wiser to store your jewelry somewhere safe, even if that meant taking a few more minutes to get ready in the morning? 

Jewelry, particularly fine jewelry, is very valuable. It probably took you weeks of work to buy one ring, bracelet, etc., so you’d naturally want to keep them safe from theft. So, instead of placing your jewelry where everyone can see (and steal) it, store it in an inconspicuous space such as in a safe or in your closet.

Keep necklaces from getting tangled

To you, tangled jewelry might just be a bother or something you’d rather not do when you’re running late on a Monday morning. But tangles do more than stress you out – they also scratch your jewelry and make chains and claps more prone to breakage. 

If you’re tired of untangling (or trying to untangle) your necklaces, why not use jewelry “trees” or hang them on wall-mounted pegs? That way, you don’t have to deal with tight knots at the most inconvenient times. 

Clean and dry your jewelry before storing

Fine jewelry – and jewelry in general – should be completely clean and dry before it goes into storage. Keep in mind that whenever you wear jewelry, your sweat and natural oils will stick to its surface. If this moisture isn’t cleaned, your jewelry’s metals and minerals will lose their luster more rapidly. 

To extend their wear, be sure to clean them before they go into the jewelry box. Most metals can be cleaned with nothing but warm water and mild soap. Remember to bring them to your jewelry every few months for expert TLC. 

How to care for fine jewelry

Storing your fine jewelry is just half of it. Caring for your fine jewelry is just as important, too. Here’s what you can do to show your well-loved accessories the care they deserve: 

  • Do not use hand sanitizer. Whether alcohol or non-alcohol-based, it can degrade the quality of your gemstones, loosen the gem’s setting, and make metals tarnish more quickly. 

  • Be careful when spraying perfume. The chemicals in perfume and fragrance-infused cosmetics can lead to irreversible damage to certain gems. When handling cosmetics that may contain chemicals, be sure to remove your jewelry beforehand.

  • Never submerge pearls in water. You’d think that pearls would be fine in water, but no – this will slowly weaken their thread. Instead, wipe each pearl bead with a cloth that’s been dipped into a bowl of soapy water. 

Fine jewelry deserves special care

Proper storage is one of the best preventive measures you can take to keep your valuables in their best, most beautiful condition. Practice these tips to make sure your metals stay shiny and your gemstones always glimmer for years. And if your jewelry box is looking a bit lonely, browse our collection today – we have a vast range of fine jewelry, all designed to suit your style and give you an effortlessly chic fair.

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