Gift Guide Holiday Edition: 5 holiday gift ideas from small businesses from the Bay Area, CA

It’s the most wonderful time of year… Christmas is just around the corner and we are getting into the holiday spirit. One of the most amazing things about the holiday season is the many ways to celebrate it, and all of them are special. Some love family and friends gatherings, others like to give back and volunteer to support a cause or community, and the list goes on. If you enjoy gift giving just like us, here are 5 holiday gift ideas from small businesses we love, all based in the Bay Area, California:

Metta Good

Handmade, small batch, artisan lip balms inspired by love and nature. METTA GOOD is kindness for your skin. The brand was created in 2016 by Nicole Spear in San Francisco, CA in the tight-knit neighborhood of Bernal Heights. After her son was born, she realized it was time to create the ethically sourced ingredient and socially minded business that incorporated her passion for bringing healthy skincare products to the world. She believes all companies have a social responsibility to conduct business with humanity and sustainability in the forefront. Nicole developed her signature lip balm recipe over a span of two years before she finally felt it was finished. This care goes into all her products and delivers a quality you can feel and trust. 

W House

W House is a mother-daughter duo creating modern and whimsical handmade goods. The W in W House represents us as Women and are their maiden name initials (Wu+Wong). Everything is handmade by W mom and managed by W daughter in the Bay Area, CA.

Modern Theory

Modern Theory makes fine fragrance for your home, using clean ingredients that are good for the planet. All candles are made with clean and non-toxic ingredients, with premium fragrance for an experience that comes to life without harming your home.

Mute by JL

Mute by JL is a contemporary woman's apparel line based in San Francisco, founded by Joanne Lu in 2015. After ten years working in the global fashion industry, Joanne decided to create a label for independent, fashion-minded female professionals, who want to sport an easy and comfortably chic look while switching between both work and off-duty modes. The label 'Mute' lends a sense of calm and focus- being able to turn off external noise in your mind and focus on what you want to accomplish. Joanne believes comfortable, expertly tailored pieces made from the best materials have the power to change how we feel and improve the way we work.

Quill Fine Jewelry

Last, but not least, if you’re looking for timeless, affordable jewelry, you’re in the right place! At Quill, we make our jewelry for everyday wear. We believe that every day is unique and deserves high-quality material such as gold filled, gold vermeil, and 925 sterling silver. And for those with sensitive skin, no worries - all of them are hypoallergenic.

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