Claire Xue, the creative mind behind Moodelier, on what is good content and how to stay inspired

In a world full of social media noise, creating unique, scroll-stopping content can be overwhelming. Being heard and noticed on social media has never been so accessible yet so challenging. Claire Xue, the owner of Moodelier, definitely knows how to grab a moment of our attention with colorful, unique pieces. Officially launched in late June, Moodelier helps creators enhance their visuals by selecting immersive pieces and educational resources that facilitate their workflow. 

A combination of mood+atelier, Moodelier is pronounced as Mooda-Lee-A. Credits: Moodelier

A combination of mood+atelier, Moodelier is pronounced as Mooda-Lee-A. Credits: Moodelier

Can you talk a little bit about Moodelier and where all this came from?

Far too often, creatives have a vision in mind but lack the means, resources, and overhead to achieve it. At Moodelier, we believe that creativity is for everyone and should never be stifled by cost. We design colorful and immersive pieces to light up creative shoots and decor. 

We focus on multifunctionality in the artistic space for photographers, set designers, art directors, brand creators, and interior designers, to name a few. Our pieces help people unleash their inner artists while creating amazing visuals. They're unique because they can be utilized in a living room, at an outdoor photoshoot or experience, or in a studio. 

An important detail, our pieces were carefully designed to showcase a designated subject and never overshadow it. As a team, we're a collection of photographers, set creators, experiential designers, and all-around art enthusiasts. Because of that, we know firsthand that immersive, well-designed pieces are nearly impossible to find, let alone afford. So we focus on bridging the gap between large-scale installations, prop houses, and furniture designers while creating an affordable way for creatives of every background to meet their artistic needs.

Content creation has never been so present as nowadays. Especially on social media, it's easy to get lost in a world of infinite content. What is good content for you? 

For me, good content could be informational/educational, visually appealing, or entertaining. If a piece of content hits either one of these categories, I consider it's good. I think something I save in my folder and feel is excellent content, someone else may not even look at it; it is subjective like art, you need to be able to identify what is good content for you and your brand.

You have such a unique style and way of creating content! How did you develop your own way of creating content, and how do you manage to stay inspired? 

Lately, I haven't been creating much content since I'm running my business; it is hard to do both accounts simultaneously with posting consistent quality original content. I'm an inquisitive person, so I love to discover new brands, trends, accounts to stay in touch with what's happening. It is essential to know what's out there to keep on creating content that is different from what you see all the time.

Credits: Moodelier

Credits: Moodelier

What are your tips for content creators who like to photograph jewelry or other delicate pieces at home? 

Hard one, jewelry is hard to photography, especially the delicate ones. I haven't worked with enough delicate jewelry brands to give you great tips on this. But if you just started to create content, keep it clean, simple, always have good lighting for shooting anything. 

Credits: Moodelier

Credits: Moodelier

What are your suggestions for essential equipment for people who're starting a product photography career?

A decent camera, you don't need the best camera out there to start with, but a good one can last you years - I have mine for 5 years now, and I still love it. I have Canon 5d mark 3. Good backdrop options, you can use seamless paper, MDF painted boards, fabricates. 

A good light, although you can get started with natural light, if you are serious about product photography, eventually you will need to invest in a light. It will make a difference in your work process because you don't have to rely on the sun anymore. You can shoot at any time of the day. 

Last but not least, some fun evergreen props will help your photography stand out from others. If you don't know what's evergreen props or how to invest in props, we have a whole blog all about it.

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