5 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021

We can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day again! As we keep practicing our social distancing while avoiding large gatherings, celebrating February 14th sounds like a good excuse to plan something special with someone you love. Here are 5 ideas of how to celebrate Valentine's Day:

1 - Make comfort food together

You can take an online cooking class together or finally make that one recipe you found on YouTube that is always on the to-do list. The rule is simple: comfort, tasty food for two (or more!)

2 - Movie Marathon and Quiz

What's better than a movie marathon? A movie marathon with a quiz about the movies at the end! Turning your date night into a game night to make it romantic and fun.

3 - Plan a self-care day

Take that long bath, put that lavender face mask on, and just plan some self-care, relaxing time.

4 - Virtual wine tasting

Yes, you read that right! There're some nice virtual wine tastings out there. Enjoy the cozy weather and book a virtual wine tasting for two with the comfort of your home.

5 - Take a virtual dance lesson

Virtual dance classes might sound weird, but I promise you, it's a lot of fun! And if this is your first time taking a dance class, this is the perfect opportunity to do it without the "pressure” of a first class.

Even if you're staying at home, it's always nice to dress up a little bit! Check out our 2021 Valentine's Day jewelry selection here.

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